Dear Kris, Jasmine and Kenna,

We are still in shock and trying to accept the tragic loss of your beloved husband and father who gave so much guidance to so many through his wonderful books. God must have felt that he had fulfilled his purpose to take him home so early in his life.

Dr. Carlson has truly left a legacy that will go on forever. He has touched the lives of so many people who read his books, heeded his advice, opened their hearts to children in need and gave both the reader and those children hope for a better future. We feel such a tremendous loss but are comforted, as you should be, that he had planted his special seeds that will sprout and flourish through the sponsors his writing has motivated to take that step to become involved in the well-being of impoverished children.

As I had written Dr. Carlson in my last letter to him, many readers of his books have mentioned that they had thought about helping a child but until they read his book, they had kept putting it off. His influence was the determining factor that convinced them to become sponsors. We shall be forever grateful, as are the precious children who have received the assistance they so desperately needed through our sponsorship program.

We regret not having the opportunity to meet him and thank him personally for all that he has done for our organization and the children we serve. However, when we moved into this building in October 2005, we did have a plaque engraved Richard Carlson Room in his honor which we proudly display and now serves as a daily reminder of a truly remarkable and caring person.

You are blessed with many memories of a life well lived, a life that was dedicated to helping each and every one of us to live a better life. May those wonderful memories give you the strength to accept the sorrow you feel now and to make you stronger in the realization of his great legacy. It was truly an honor and a privilege to know him and we shall always cherish his books and his memory.

With deepest appreciation and heartfelt sympathy, I am

Sincerely yours,

Marian G. Cummins

President & CEO