A Teacher’s Story


I have been meaning to thank you and your late husband for many years now, and finally I gotten around to it.  First a little background, about 5 years ago I took a chance to read "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" to my 8th grade class and talk about the greater good that is out there in the world.  Ever sense then I read and have discussion on one part of the book each day for the last 100 days of school.

I want you to know that my students love "The Book" as they refer to it. Each year I give about 7 to 10 copies away to students who want to continue the work we did in the classroom, other student run off to Barnes and Noble and buy their own or find the one for teens.  I will have high school students come back to visit me and ask if I still read "The Book" and each time they tell me how grateful they are to have heard it, and that I should always keep reading it.

The impact this book has on our community of students is overwhelming and I figure that after many years of students giving me credit for a great class, it actually should go to your husband for opening the door for personal growth in myself and my students.  

If you are ever in the neighborhood I know of a great number of High School students that would love to hear what you got to say and get a nice refresher course of what they already have learned.

Thank you again for being a part of the bigger better world.

Rich Hobbins
TMS- Social Studies
Phoenix-Talent Schools