Soulmates by Kristine Carlson

In the beginning 
We were one spark that became a single flame~

We danced and burned bright in our union and name~

And then God commanded us to separate and become two 
For our soul work to take form and evolve 
Through all that we could learn and do~

The Yin, The Yang 
The Masculine and Feminine~

We parted with a promise:

I know that I am you and you are me 
And we will remain 
connected through eternity~

I am, now, once again, 
but a spark without you 
I will walk the earth half a soul 
until I find you~

I will wait as long as it takes 
Knowing that you are there~

Instantly, we'll recognize each other again 
We will burn as bright as the sun 
Dancing and playing as one~

Creating great magic 
and harmony together 
Our path is happy 
Full of Love and Light~

We will give hope 
Others will follow as we roam~

Teaching that together we are a team 
A partnership that conquers ego in Love~

A single candle with one flame 
Again burning bright~

Until our God expires half and leaves me to find 
Your spirit in mine~

My soul feels temporarily lost 
Until I remember~

It is impossible to extinguish the divine.