December 13 Synchronicities

 by Dr. Sheila Krystal

Synchronicity is a widely used term coined by Carl Jung, student of Freud and one of the fathers of Transpersonal Psychology, to denote God's hand in events that may seem like chance or coincidences but are actually signs and signals that can help direct us on our path of life. Roget's Thesaurus also lists simultaneous conjunction, harmony, order and peace as equivalents.


Synchronicity is at the foundation of all oracular systems such as the I Ching and Tarot and is, in short, a meaningful concurrence of events. Often people think of someone and then that person calls or emails or they bump into each other at the grocery store. What do they have to teach each other at that moment? Or, in a short period of time, several people might all mention the same book. It's time to read that book!

We have probably all heard the expression that "the third time is the charm." Synchronistic events often come in threes. The Universe is ringing the wake up bell!. What is it trying to tell us? Look inside with self inquiry to find out and to achieve more harmony, order and peace.

There are several synchronicities associated with Richard's death. It is not just a coincidence or mere chance that Richard died on the 13th of December -- St Lucia's Day, the festival of the patron saint of kindness and love. St. Lucia is also known as the bringer of light for the renewal of our spiritual growth as she heralds the emergence from the darkness of Winter. Lucia means light and in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, people welcome the end of the winter darkness by honoring St. Lucia on December 13 when the festival of lights is celebrated not only in Sweden but all over Europe, Canada and some parts of the United States.

St. Lucia was an early Christian martyr who died in 304 A.D. for her religious beliefs. She is the patron saint of writers, among others, and is associated with clear vision in addition to love and kindness. This coincidence, or synchronicity, is very symbolic as Richard truly did bring the clear light of truth and love to the world during its dark night of the soul through his presence and through his writing and lectures. He continues to be a lightbearer working as a bridge between us and the Light of Truth. Richard was of Swedish heritage and as a writer he brought light into the darkness of suffering for many thousands of people.

It is also significant that Richard died on the 13th. This is NOT unlucky. Interestingly, the number 13 has had superstitious connotations for hundreds of years. Even today we rarely find a high-rise building with a 13th floor! It is the number of the Death card in Tarot, an ancient and widely used oracle, and in the numerology of the Judeo/Christian tradition, 13 is the number of death but also of Love! This is especially important because death was considered a merging with or going home to love. And as we love more and more, the old self or conditioned mind dies and the unconditioned mind is awakened or spiritually reborn in life. So death often connotes rebirth into love. Richard was and is the essence of love. I say 'is' because he is here now working in the astral light and his death from this side is actually his birth on the astral light side. He and his memory can now be a bridge for us to that divine love we all crave. And the New Year is an excellent time to let old habits of mind, emotion and behavior die so that new habits can be reborn, just as the phoenix arises from its own ashes.

If we add up 1 and 3 we get the number 4 which symbolizes reason, stability, order and in tarot the peaceful and beneficent Emperor who is guided by reason. Remember the thesaurus: "harmony, order, and peace?" More synchronicity! And Don't Sweat The Small Stuff is the essence of good reason, isn't it? Richard led us to be more loving, reasonable, kind and peaceful through the example of his life and through his writing and lectures as a good guide does.

Richard, who taught us that peace begins at home in our own hearts, is truly a lightworker in God's army for peace and we can fully honor his memory by following his lead!

~ Sheila Krystal

Sheila Krystal, a close friend and spiritual mentor of the Carlson family, received her doctoral degree from Columbia University in 1970 and did her post-doctoral internship and residency in the psychiatry department at the University of California. She has a private practice of transpersonal psychotherapy in Berkeley, California.